Sinus Treatment: For those high allergy days when your congested, this treatment assists in clearing your head! With warm towel compresses, sinus pressure points, Eucalyptus essential oil, and an ear candling, you will feel noticeably clearer.


Cupping Face Treatment: Using gentle suction, massage cups are used to help move fluid and increase circulation. It also assists in smoothing out fine lines.


Warm Stone Face Treatment: Ease the tension that builds up from stress and worry. With warm stones and a gliding massage, this treatment will relax tense, sore muscles in the face, neck, and shoulders.


Face Treatments


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Journey's Day Spa

Detoxing Face Masque: This masque aids in clearing pores and pulling toxins out of your skin. Perfect for acne-prone skin. Includes a gentle exfoliation.

$70 add to a body wrap or massage for $45

Firming Face Masque: With help from the sea, this masque aids in collagen production that helps in firming skin.

$70 add to a body wrap or massage for $45

Hydrating Face Masque: During the change of seasons our faces are put through shocking temperature, and humidity drops. Take care of seasonally dry skin with this Hydrating rose-mud masque.

$70 add to a body wrap or massage for $45